About goodegg ebooks

goodegg ebooks: Our mission

Red River (also known as Winnipeg) is in the middle of North America. Two great rivers converge here. You’ve got to go through us if you want to go West. Or East.

Some people think we’re in the middle of nowhere.

They are right.

Red River is flat and often cold (when it is not scorching hot). It is totally at the whim of the weather. The rivers flood pretty much every spring and the mosquitoes follow close behind. The nearest city of any significance is 400 miles away.

And yet, Red River lives.

Something draws people here. Not everyone stays. The ones who do find a reason. Or it finds them.

So… why? What strange force goes to work on people here?

Why does the city have so many theatres and restaurants and writers and musicians and moviemakers and artists?

Sure, other cities have them too, but ours punch way above their weight.

We even have our own ballet company, for christsakes.

This site, though, is dedicated to the writers. It’s a work in progress, just like many great Red River books are works in progress at the moment.

It is those books that we promote here — primarily as ebooks, because it is our belief that traditional publishers are dinosaurs.

That’s not to say that they won’t be around for a long, long time. It took the dinosaurs a long time to disappear, too.

But they did disappear.

Who needs crateloads of books shipped across the continent only to languish on shelves because the publisher made the wrong choice? Or didn’t promote the book enough? Or their timing was off? Or a host of other reasons for disappointment?

Who needs crateloads of books being shipped back to the publishers, and having their covers cruelly ripped off and ending up in recycling depots or incinerators? Or crate loads of books collecting dust in authors’ garages or basements?

There. Our rant is over.

Let us just say that Good eGG promotes the reading of quality ebooks and print-on-demand books that tap into the power of the Prairies and it aims to do this without wasting your resources or your time.


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