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What is hockey?

Posted: January 13, 2013 in Hockey
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An excerpt from Phat Wilson, a soon-to-be published novel from goodegg ebooks

I don’t know why hockey is so important to me. But I know what hockey is.

It is the white boards bruised and lacerated where a shot missed the net, where a clearing pass ricocheted, where a player slid into the boards skates first. It is the way the white boards curve into the corners and whip you around behind the net.

It is the white ice scarred by a hard deke, a sudden acceleration, a curving glide.

It is little drifts of snow in the crease scraped up by jittery skates.

It is sounds. Skate blades making the zing of swords being removed from their sheaths. Sticks colliding, sticks tapping for a pass, sticks unleashing a vicious shot.

Gunfire, distant and close as pucks and bodies hit the boards.

It’s  waves breaking on the shore, interspersed with shouts from leatherlungs in the crowd who know better than the coach and all the players combined.

It’s ebb and flow.

It’s teams working together and it’s individual players seizing the day.

It’s late night camaraderie and it’s early morning hangover cure. It’s calculated violence and chivalry. Sacrifice and egotism. Good guys and bad guys and goons.

It’s shaking the hand of the man you just flattened to the ice.

It’s an alignment of the stars as the puck goes tic tac toe into the net in a play so elegant, it can’t be thought of. It can only be done.

Hockey’s outcome can be decided by just one act. Just one hero.

Like war.

Other sports are games. Good games. Worthy games.

Hockey is life.


— The musings of Gordonalan, in the soon-to-be-published novel phatwilson